23.06 SABO (Sol Selectas)
02.07 Hraach
07.07 Elias Fassos & Risk (GR)
10.07 D’al Senio (Hybrid)
16.07 Hot Oasis
21.07 Feathered Sun LIVE
28.07 Estray
08.08 Echonomist
10.08 Pandhora
12.08 Ezara
14.08 Daydreaming w. Christian Löffler
16.08 Daydreaming w. Jan Blomqvist
26.08 Nick Varon
03.09 Glauco Di Mambro (Santctuary)
24.09 Yucatan


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SABO (Sol Selectas)

Sabo’s sound is inspired by his extensive World travels, and will take you on a mystical journey that crosses several musical borders. As the creator of Sol Selectas Records, he is known for his dynamic vision and refined taste.






Hraach is an Armenian born producer currently living in Spain. His interest for music began as a child. However when he began his own production in 2011 it was apparent that he had found his true calling.

Having released under labels such as Underyourskin Records, Akumandra (Andante), The Purr, Soleid its sure to say Hraach is both versatile in style and delivery. With sounds that are both ancient and modern and vocals that are nothing less than memorizing Hraach is captivating music lovers worldwide.

Elias Fassos & Risk (GR)

D’al Senio (Hybrid)

Dj D’AL SENIO delivers a Deep Afro & Spiritual House music voyage, mixing beats and sounds inspired from different cultures.

Unlike many Djs,he started his career as an organic musician at a very young age. He is a saxophone/ flute & guitar player who has performed with many reggae, funk, afrobeat, jazz, ethnic ensembles, theater acts and electronic projects around the world (France, Portugal, Thailand, Morocco, Cuba, Greece..)

After he trained his musical skills in Paris (resident for over a decade) where he played in some of the most influential clubs/festivals and releasing records in several electronic genres, he felt the necessity to focus his energy on to “four to the floor” driving rhythms

Hot Oasis

Hot oasis represents the sound of nature with a strong influence of South Sinai peaceful spirit. Our melodic tunes reflects the sound of the oasis and the mystery of the mountains to take the ears to a psychedelic journey.

Feathered Sun LIVE

Feathered sun is a collective of collaborative spirit, trying to celebrate moments in time through their music. NU, jO.K.e, Raz Ohara, Chris Schwarzwaelder, Iannis Ritter and Acid Pauli are all friends who have known each for years.

They hang out, with or without kids; and cook, eat, breathe, record and produce in different combinations and locations, with Berlin and Lima/Peru as their main bases. With a wide ranged sound that is at the same time familiar, they start to draw ever bigger circles, touring the world and accumulating hits, especially NU with the still topical “Who loves the Sun”, sung with jO.K.e’s haunting voice 


Vid is a free spirit and a nomad, travelling together with his music for the last 10 years.

Taking influences from his various homes this producer and certified audio engineer has build up his sound into something which is now considered as Multicultural, constantly followed up with outstanding dancefloor grooves made with unique drum patterns which have huge influence from Tribal African music & Latin Music






An Inner Quest for Daydreamers

Since embarking on its music journey in 2015, Pandhora has been shaping its own psychedelic & progressive signature. Inspired by various shades of rock and electronic music, the duo’s productions involve acoustic instruments and subtle organic touches. Strengthened by multi-instrumental practice and music theory training, Pandhora has an unframed and eclectic approach to music composition.

In 2018, ‘Deep Psychedelia’, their first live act, has seen daylight. Since then, they have been touring colorful grounds. From Europe to Mexico and all the way to the Middle East and India, their music travelled through inspiring venues and swaying crowds. Their songs tell stories of intriguing soundscapes, exploring an expanding sphere of electronic sounds. Combining driven guitar and keyboard improvisations, they aim at delicately guiding the audience into diverse acoustic spaces. As the story unveils, they aspire to create an ever-changing poetic tale.



EZARA, a Character Female Dj and producer that carries the vibe of dark melodic organic sound

Daydreaming w. Christian Löffler

In his early teens he would draw and dabble in painting, trying to capture if not a specific feeling, then the essence of something. An ideal. Something profound. “It’s just something that I want to express,” he explains. “Still, today, it’s the same feeling that drives me, and it makes no difference what I use for it, whether it is music or paint.”

Graal (Prologue), his new project, utilises both, but it was not born solely of his creative urges. It also stems from frustration, and a sense that while touring he no longer had the mental space or down time to let his creativity flourish. From late 2017 into 2018, while playing almost every weekend, Löffler found it “really difficult” to make music. “I stopped forcing myself to create new songs,” he says of that time. “It wasn’t really working and wasn’t satisfying at all, so I just decided to stop trying and focus on the shows.”

Eventually he took a three-week break in Denmark, with just his family for company, and on returning home focussed on visual art – painting, drawing, and “some video stuff”, but absolutely no music. This return to his roots reminded him how it felt when he first started making music, and allowed him to “turn off my brain a bit, especially thoughts about what is possible or not”. In other words, it gave him freedom. 

Daydreaming w. Jan Blomqvist

Jan Blomqvist, born in the 80s (not in Sweden) is a Berlin-based solo-artist and bandleader. It was him who invented concert techno: dreamy vocals and simple beats. With his band BLOMQVIST he’s into dancy electro-pop, as a solo-artist, he plays clubsoul. As a kid Jan never cried, just sang.

Nick Varon

Throughout his residency at the iconic club Venue in his hometown Athens, it was Nick’s combination of professionalism & genuine passion to the underground house movement, which enabled him to make his mark as a warm up dj for some of the biggest names in dance music. Regardless he found himself sharing decks with his idols in a fairly young age, he managed to contain his enthusiasm and deliver the dance-floor ready for the main guest to take over.

The quality of his selection skills got the attention from some of the heavy weights of the scene like Nick Warren; who named Nick Varon “the most underrated DJ in the world”, in DjMag’s Top 100. But it was Hernán Cattaneo who was mostly captivated by his well compiled forward thinking sets.

The South American legend initially invited Nick on his Greek Tours and long behold a partnership of music & talent – that still flourishes today – was created. Their collaboration has taken off with huge success in 3 continents (Europe / America / Asia). Up to now, the duo has accomplished 60 shows together, a number that barely represents the growing musical partnership but mostly a great friendship.

His international career keeps growing with shows from Bali to Amsterdam & from New York to Tokyo, while he has been also giving remarkable production signs. As a frequent now at the Sudbeat imprint and with an increasing amount of releases, builds an equally promising future on the production side as well.

Always loyal to the melodic – atmospheric elements – but with a continuous modernization along with his ability to blend endless styles of underground house music has created his own signature sound. A unique style, which got him playing with two generations Legends; such as Sasha, John Digweed, Sven Vath, Dubfire, Solomun, Lee Burridge, Âme … and thats truly a shortlist.





Glauco Di Mambro (Santctuary)

Glauco Di Mambro’s music is a true ritual experience: emotional, rousing, immersive.
Impossible to tag and define into a unique genre, but vibrating directly to your soul: just dance, and feel perfectly free.
From the iconic “Woomoon” and “Storytellers” events at Cova Santa Ibiza, to the legendary “The Block” in Tel Aviv and “Scorpios” Mykonos, passing from massive Festivals like “Untold” in Romania, “The Gardens of Babylon” in Amsterdam, “Art With Me” in Miami and “Marvellous Island” in Paris. And New York, London, Tulum, Tallinn, Athens, Istanbul, Tirana: with an intense tour schedule, Glauco is bringing his musical multiverse all around the globe. Back home, in Italy, he is the Music Curator and Resident Dj of “The Sanctuary Eco Retreat” in Rome, Milan, Mykonos, Porto Cervo and Ostuni: 5 paces that literally redefined the concept of clubbing and entertainment in the electronic scene.







Yalos invites JUNIOR PAPPA, one of the most well-known DJs of the Greek electronic music scene