Exo Gialos is a small beach in Santorini, with black sand and a volcanic background. The beach is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy a swim in a beautiful setting close to Fira.

While at the beach, you can also treat yourself to one of our private cabanas and experience the ultimate relaxation

Right next to the beach there’s a small harbor where you can have a walk and watch the swans swimming in the clear waters, between the traditional boats.

The Restaurant

Yalos Santorini restaurant is located right on the beach of Exo Gialos. The summer-inspired decor with sea life details is done in the earth tones of Santorini, creating the perfect, inviting setting for a delicious lunch or dinner by the sea.

In this calm and beautiful atmosphere, you will taste authentic local dishes, fresh fish and mouth-watering appetizers. At our restaurant we take great care to use the best and freshest seasonal ingredients, in order to provide an exceptional dining experience that engages all the senses.

You can reach the restaurant within a few minutes’ drive from Fira, the capital of Santorini, as it’s located just 2.5 km away. If you are athletic, you can also reach the restaurant on foot. Also, right next to the beach there is a small harbor where you can anchor your boat if you’re arriving by sea and, if you wish, you can have our order delivered to your yacht!

The Comfort Zone

This is the place where you forget everything what weighs you down. Close your eyes and feel the sand between your toes, as the sea breeze calms your senses. Lie on the sunbed and let the sun bathe you in its light, as the waves unfurl on the shore, just a few steps away. Sit comfortably in the shade and enjoy a refreshing cocktail. Feel at home, resting your body on the soft pillows, while indulging in our Mediterranean cuisine.

Breathe. Relax. Feel free.

The Setting

A traditional boat that has been restored and transformed into a comfortable sofa with pillows in soft colors, creates a beautiful, relaxing shaded corner. The soft tones of colors, the island and sea details, and every little detail adds to the soothing setting that’s complemented by the calming sea view.