Yalos Ambience

At the root of a mountain that has been artistically carved by the northern wind, everything comes together in a sublime, ecstatic way. The skin of the earth, the aspa —as the locals call the soil of Santorini that has been formed by ash, lava and pumice— tightly hugs the sleeping lava and transmits its energy to anyone who chooses to accept it. All you need to do is close your eyes for a while, put your feet on the black sand and feel the connection with the Earth itself.

For us, it is a blessing to live in a place so heavily charged with this special energy. We feel it every moment, every hour, every season of the year. Now, we invite you to experience this unique ambience for yourselves and get in touch with your inner self, with each other, with the whole universe.

“The earth has music for those who listen.”

— George Santayana

Yalos Santorini restaurant is located on the closest beach to Fira, Exo Gialos. The summer-inspired decor in the earth tones of Santorini with sea life details creates the perfect setting for a delicious lunch or dinner by the sea. In the calm and beautiful environment of the restaurant Yalos you will taste authentic Santorinian dishes, fresh fish and many appetizers.

Aside from our delicious dishes, at the organized beach of Exo Gialos you will enjoy swimming or even host your wedding; Yalos restaurant will be exclusively at your disposal!

You can reach Yalos within a few minutes’ drive from Fira, the capital of Santorini, as it’s located just 2.5 km away. If you’re athletic, you can reach the restaurant and Exo Gialos beach on foot. Also, right next to the beach there is a small harbor where you can anchor your boat if you’re arriving by sea and, if you wish, you can have our order delivered to your yacht!

Antonis Anapliotis welcomes you 
with Santorinian warmth and hospitality
to a restaurant built with love and affection,
to offer the best to the visitors of the island