Wedding Ceremony & Reception by the Sea

Yalos provides you with the perfect setting for a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception that will be remembered for decades! The wonderful coastal scenery at Exo Gialos promises an exceptional backdrop for the most Special Day of your life, on which all of us will be at your disposal to assist you plan your day exactly as you would like.

An exclusive experience

On this happy occasion, we will be exclusively at your disposal. With experience in creating custom wedding menus, we will be dedicated to delighting your guests with the unique flavors of Santorini. You can even decorate the place according to your wedding theme and colors, and choose the music that you wish to be played during the reception; DJ, live traditional Greek music or relaxing and everything between in order to create a wonderful atmosphere for your guests. What is most important, you can organize your wedding or bachelor party at the beach, away from prying eyes; there will be only you and your loved ones! Just contact us to arrange all the details for your wedding in Santorini.

Pre/After Wedding Parties

We organize for you the pre-wedding dinner or your perfect after-party right on the beach, with a carefully curated selection of great music and mouth-watering local foods.

The Best Beach Parties in Santorini

Yalos is not just about local flavors and relaxing hours by the sea; we also organize the most successful beach parties on the island of Santorini throughout the entire summer! Every evening, Yalos transforms into a vibrant and lively beach party venue, right by the sea.



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